• Initial Consult: Problem identification, analysis, solving plan and determination of best treatment
  • 6 month treatment program
  • 2 hour session each month



  • Initial Consult
  • 12 month treatment program
  • 2 hour session each month with follow-up as needed
  • 24 hour access



  • Analyze all previous evaluations, including performance appraisals, surveys, testing and feedback
  • Leadership Profile includes an extensive analysis of:
    1. Personal temperament
    2. Clinical personality traits
    3. Biographical analysis
    4. Emotional quotient
    5. Leadership/personality inventory



  • Review of Leadership Profile
  • Review of all past and present data
  • Design of Performance Enhancement Plan;
      1. *family, health, hobbies, community involvement, support systems, job skills, job fit
  • Identify short-term and long-term occupation goals and strategies



  • Maximize strengths and job fit
  • Identify strategies that will take you to the next level
  • Personalized development plan for future growth and performance


1. Collegiate Programs

1) University of Nebraska – Lincoln.
2) University of Nebraska – Omaha.
3) University of Nebraska Medical Center.
4) Creighton University.
5) Indiana University.
6) Syracuse University.
7) Iowa State University.
8) Baylor University.
9) New Mexico State University.
10) Brown University.
11) Indiana University.
12) Arkansas – Little Rock University.
13) North Dakota State University.
14) Ohio University.
15) Wayne State University, Wayne, NE.
16) Hastings College.
17) Chadron State University, Chadron, NE.
18) St. Mary’s College, Omaha, NE.
19) Oklahoma State University.
20) University of Minnesota – Duluth.
21) University of Alaska – Fairbanks.
22) Davidson University.
23) University of the West Indies, Jamaica.
24) Doane College, Crete, NE.
25) University of Alaska – Anchorage.
26) Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE.
27) University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

2. Professional Teams = NFL

1) Miami Dolphins.
2) St. Louis Rams.
3) Carolina Panthers.

3. NFL – Numerous Players on Pro Teams and their Agents (Total of 200 Players).
4. NBA, NHL and MLB – More than 30 Players in Professional Leagues – Mentoring Process.
5. PGA and Nationwide Tour – Six Golfers.
6. Mixed Martial Arts – 3 Contenders currently-ranked in the Top 15.
7. Equestrian Teams – Collegiate and Individual.
8. Olympics –

1) Gold Medal – Bobsled Team.
2) Silver Medal – Greco-Roman Wrestling.

9. NASCAR – 10th Year.

1) Red Bull Racing Teams and Drivers.

  1. Brian Vickers.
  2. Scott Speed.

2) Hendrick Motorsports Teams and Drivers.

  1. Jimmie Johnson (5-Time Winner last five years).
  2. Jeff Gordon (4-Time Winner).
  3. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (Most popular athlete in America).
  4. Mark Martin.

3) Joe Gibbs Racing. Consultant to Developmental Drivers.
4) Robert Yates Racing – Driver Elliott Sadler.


1. Union Pacific Railroad (Largest Railroad in the World). Claims, HR and Law Departments – Consultation and Executive Development.
2. Lincoln Financial Group – Executive Coaching.
3. Mutual of Omaha –

  1. Executive Management Team.
  2. Executive Coaching.

4. Nebraska Public Power – 2-year Consultation.
5. Omaha Public Power District – 10-year ongoing Consultation.
6. Connectivity Solutions (North Carolina). Previously Avaya/Connectivity/ AT&T – 10-year Consultation.
7. CV Products (North Carolina) – 8-year Consultation.
8. PacificCorp (Oregon), Subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company – Consultation & Director, Board of Directors.
9. Shaw Group Inc. Engineering Consultants. Consultation to Nuclear Energy Division.
10. Kellogg’s. Manufacturing Plant Division – Consultation.
11. BryanLGH Health System & Hospital (Lincoln, NE). 4-year Consultation to Heart Transplant Team and Surgery Department.
12. Center for Advanced Medicine (Jackson Hole, WY). Consultant and Staff.
13. First Presbyterian Church (Omaha, NE). Consultation.
14. Lutheran Churches of Littleton, Colorado (Columbine School District). Multi-Year Intervention Following Shootings.
15. Mosaic – National and International Programs for Intellectually Disabled. Consultation and Director, Board of Directors.
16. Omaha Public Schools. Principals Retreat. Psychological Leadership Profiles.
17. Methodist Health System (Omaha, NE). Director of Medical Psychology and Managing Partner.
18. First Data Resources. Executive Coaching.
19. City of Omaha – Mayor’s Council. Executive Retreat. Mayor Hal Daub.
20. U.S. Congressmen Lee Terry and Tom Osborne. Entire Congressional Staff Retreats.
21. Bergan Mercy Medical Center (Omaha, NE). Physician Development.
22. Creighton University Athletic Department and Department of Psychiatry (Omaha, NE).
23. Saint Joseph Hospital (Omaha, NE). Co-Director of Dual-Diagnosis Unit, Department of Psychiatry.
24. Sitel Corporation. Executive Team Consultant – 3 years.
25. Boys Town. Director of Athletic Board of Directors. Consultation to Staff (Pro Bono).
26. ConAgra (Largest Food Company in America). Executive Coaching.
27. Vickers Manufacturing Plant. Executive and Staff Development and Evaluation.
28. Omaha World Herald (Largest Newspaper in the Midwest). Executive Coaching and All-Management Retreat.
29. Veterans Administration Medical Center (3 Locations in NE). 2-year Staff Development of Executive Teams.
30. Oriental Trading Company. Executive Staff Development and Training.
31. Omaha Steaks International. Executive Staff Development.
32. Automotive Dealerships (Nebraska, Kansas, North Carolina). Executive Consultation and Planning.
33. A.O.I. (Omaha, NE). Construction and Office Equipment. Consultation and Executive Development.
34. Law Firms of Nebraska. 8 of the Top 10 Firms. Staff Development, Executive Coaching and Retreats.
35. Gallup Leadership University. Executive and Staff Development and Training.
36. American National Bank. Staff Development and Executive Coaching.
37. MidAmerican Energy Holdings. Corporate Office Executive Training of Top Management.
38. Nebraska Department of Labor. Executive Consultation and Training.
39. Stillwater Mining Company, Billings, MT. Consultation and Team Building.
40. Progressive Swine Technologies. Consultation, Team Building and Staff Development.
41. Duncan Aviation, Lincoln, NE. Leadership Development.
42. Henry Company/Warner Development Company, Huntington Park, CA. Merger/Acquisition Integration.
43. Excell Marketing, Des Moines, IA. Leadership Development.
44. Eaton Corp., Cleveland, OH. Executive Team Development.
45. Avid Sports, Fort Myers, FL. Executive Team Consultation.
46. Berens & Tate Law Firm, Omaha, NE. Executive Team Development.
47. Harris Feldman Law Offices, Omaha, NE. Executive Team Development.
48. Koley Jessen Law Offices, Omaha, NE. Executive Team Retreat.
49. Lamson Dugan & Murray Law Offices, Omaha, NE. Staff Development and Retreat.
50. Harry A Koch Company Insurance & Financial Consultants, Omaha, NE. Staff Development and Executive Coaching.
51. Keystone Development Group, Omaha, NE. Leadership Development.
52. Heartland Properties, Council Bluffs, IA. Executive Team Development.
53. Mammel & Associates, Omaha, NE. Family Management Consultation & Team Development.
54. KPSP (Kirkpatrick, Pettis, Smith, Polian Inc.), Omaha, NE. Executive Coaching and Development.
55. McCarthy Capital, Omaha, NE. Staff Development and Leadership Development.
56. Morris Newspaper Corp., Savannah, GA. Staff Development and Training.
57. MSI (Midlands Systems Integrators), Omaha, NE. Executive Team Development.
58. Nebraska Bookstore Company, Lincoln, NE. Executive Team Development.
59. Omnium Worldwide, Inc., Omaha, NE. Staff Consultation and Leadership Development.
60. Pavestone Industries, Dallas, TX. Executive Team Development.
61. Optimas Group, Omaha, NE. Leadership Consultation.
62. Peak Productions, Omaha, NE. Executive Team Development.
63. Phillips Manufacturing, Omaha, NE. Executive Team Development.
64. Paradysz Marketing, New York, NY. Executive Team Evaluation & Development.
65. Podium, College Station, TX. Leadership Development.
66. Salina Medical Society, Salina, KS. Leadership Analysis and Development.
67. Silverstone Group, Omaha, NE. Sales Force Development.
68. Utilicorp, Kansas City, MO. Executive Team Development.
69. University Medical Associates, Omaha, NE. Staff Development & Leadership Training.
70. University of Arkansas Foundation, Little Rock, AR. Staff Leadership and Development.
71. Waitt Media and Waitt Interactive, Omaha, NE. Consultation to Leadership Team.
72. Westroads Medical Group, Omaha, NE. Team Development.
73. XO’s Technologies, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Staff Development.
74. Canyon Ranch, Tucson, AZ. Frequent Consultation & Guest Lecturer.
75. Social Security Administration, Nebraska Region. Expert Witness in Court Cases.
76. Baird Holm Attorney at Law, Omaha, NE. Consultation to Executive Team.
77. United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Washington, DC. Expert Witness in Pennsylvania Federal Court.